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Xe / 3 yrs / Border Collie



It’s Time to Breed My Shepard

Sad but true!!


i think its time to breed my 1 yr old shepard – seeking dominant male

I wish I was making this up. Oh God, how I wish I was making this up. Unfortunately, I’m not, and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a comment like this posted on Craigslist or a GSD forum, etc. etc. Actually, the problem has gotten so bad that a very popular German Shepherd group on Facebook recently instituted a rule that if you are going to post pictures or information on litter announcements you must also include the full registered name of the dam and sire and their OFA hip results.

Bravo to them.

But the idiots go marching on.

There are so many things wrong with this fourteen word “sentence” that I don’t even really know where to begin. Well, that’s a lie, I do. Let’s start with the spelling of the word…

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Do we stereotype dog people?

“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, big or small, young or old.”

As  I sit here sipping my hot chocolate, all I can think about is the impending winter months to come into Wisconsin..oh boy. I love it.

But I was thinking the other day a lot, probably more then I should have about if people, even dog people, stereotype dog people. Does that make sense? I will try to clarify.

So flashback to the horrible, dreadful, highschool years of Emily Cortez. Horrific! Anyways, I was not the most well behaved child in those years…to say the least. And when people would find out how “into dogs” I was I would receive this, ” I love how you’re all badass and stuff and then on the side you’re all I like to throw Frisbees to my dog.” Yeah..you get the picture. Not that they meant it in a bad way, just really surprised.

I have tattoos, three, and most you can see without me trying. So people don’t always expect it when I am all in hardcore dog – mom mode. I sometimes get the wait what? Or the I had no idea look. Sometimes offending, but most times not. No hard feelings though. But do you get it?

Dogs don’t look at how you look, as long as you love them unconditionally. So why do people? Surely it shouldn’t matter what we wear, what our music taste is, what we talk like, when it comes to who can be a crazy dog lover. Anyone can be, your grumpy uncle, your crazy neighbor lady, your 2nd cousin twice removed, or the scary biker – man who is covered in skulls. The dog word is up for grabs so who knows, spark up the conversation with a stranger about dogs, you might be surprised.



Good read about patience and goals (:

Just 2 Crazy Tollers

“To find yourself first learn about yourself”

When you get a puppy there is a push to get them to know this many tricks, get through this many classes, and get them showing. By having this schedule it can be easy to miss the amazing progress a dog makes when growing up. Personally I am high strung but with my dogs, I have all the patience in the world.

Rayka used to have to be included in everything so once a month when the dogs physical therapist comes over I would spend Zephyr’s hour giving her treats for staying in a crate. I would pass Zephyr a treat everyonce in a while also but the focus was on each time having to give her less and less treats. If she left, she would just not get any more treats and soon she would be back in the crate seeking reinforcement…

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“He didn’t do so well today No Q’s” An Agility Lament.

          “A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way.”
– A Swahili Proverb

Well frankly, that is true. &Excuse me while I do another rant – type blog. I hope this shit mood dissipates soon.

As I sit here reflecting a trial I attended this past weekend with a friend, a CPE trial, sipping on my freshly brewed tea, lemon spice!  I contemplated a few things you see.
But WAIT,  “Em, you don’t trial? ” This is true, at least not my own pups. I do however go to trials because I miss the atmosphere, the yips, and the joy of pups running around full of high energy in the ring. So I go when I can. This one made me think.

An Agility Lament. 

He didn’t do so well, no Qs. 

Almost 2/3’s of the teams of people and pups that would exit the ring after a run, this was the first comment or words that would come out. Or at least related to..how he’s not doing so well today, I don’t know what that was!  Or just throw their hands up at spectators. Like not sure what that was in there.

In my honest opinion Q’s should not validate a well ran run, or a horrible, failed, run if no Q’s are received. When running agility you and your pup are a team, friends, and life partners. And if it was reversed, the first thing you would not want to hear when stepping out of your game zone is that Fido, whom is sitting at your feet says you’re not doing to hot and your handling was off. But his run was flawless.  It was all on you buddy.

I don’t think so.

You both my play your parts, tune into each other, read each other and accept the slip ups that are to come. Noone is perfect and accidents, slips, falls, sprains, happen in the ring and well that’s all part of the game.

A team remember, not just you running a dog, a team, together. Each one a half of the other and the other needs the half. Work together or else you will find succeeding on your own is alot more lonely than you think.

Don’t give into the lament, even though your runs went out the door, shake it off, it’s just a bad day and rejoice in the little things your pups succeed at.

Adios for now, I promise informative things are in the works, tugs too.

Take A Step Back?

Wow, well first let me apologize for kinda disappearing. I still love you all. 🙂

Life can get in the way often to well. Even when it comes to our pups.

This post is helping me to reflect as well, taking a step back….from agility?
Well yeah. 

Maybe sometimes we feel like our dogs aren’t the preferred partner, the fastest or just the most willing to work with us. It can hurt when you think about it. So maybe it is ok to take a step back and backtrack, or even take a break.

Whinnie has taken to agility with flying colors and her only difficult obstacle yet to come is the weaves, the 2×2 method is working..slowly,….but surely.

But lately her will to work with me is fading, almost gone when it comes to agility. Granted yes she has never been an easy dog  but I can sure as hell tell when she just plain does not want to do something.

And she doesn’t. So we took a break. I did not want to whatsoever at first and still don’t like to just stop but I feel like I had no choice, I wanted her to enjoy running and being my partner so I was not up for forcing her to do sequences. I am still in a frustrated mode but I do not like to show it to her.


As bad as we want to just jump into the agilitiez world and compete, maybe stop right before and read your pup to see if the will is there, the happiness to be on the field as a partner. If not, take a stepback and re do some of it. It is ok, no matter how old, fresh, or new your pup is.

She has drive. boy oh boy does she have drive! Disc is her world, but transferring her drive from disc to agility is seemingly challenging. Maybe I have just been a shit mood as of late too, who knows. But when she improves on something I do as well, seeing her love to work and achieve something brightens my world like no other. I want her to succeed so please do not forget to set your dog up for success. 

Then the love will follow.


Ugh maybe I just needed to rant, God knows.


I will be letting you know how it goes with Whin, after the humidity dies down and these storms pass we will see what happens.

Thank you for your time,




Exciting Announcement !!

The Not So Common Canine will soon be offering hand – made fleece tugs! We will be making them and selling them on our blog. We have been testing them out with a few dogs as we have 2 different kinds available. 

1. The Tuff Tug : For the hard mouthed, hard bite, pups out there who like to shredddddd! (Tug, shake, bake, whip, growl) ya know.. the tuff tug!

2. The Soft Tug : For the softer, more sensitive biters, the pups who aren’t so mouthy but yet like to enjoy a softer game of tug, this tug will be looser so the dog can feel the pressure it applies so the tug is not so hard to grasp and shake around. 

After we are done bata testing our tugs on one more pup they should be up for grabs. 

Many, MANY different colors and combos available when choosing a tug, you can customize them or choose from what we have.

Pictures available soon.

Black, White, Red, Neon Orange, Blue, Grey, Paw Prints, Zebra Print, Polar Bears, Green Swirl, Green, ect..you name it! 
You can pick up to 3 different colors to be put into a tug. 

We will also be having our standard sizes, but we can lengthen/shorten upon request!

2013-05-15 002 2013-05-15 027 2013-05-15 002 2013-05-15 028 2013-05-15 002 2013-05-15 029 2013-05-15 002 2013-05-15 037 2013-05-15 002 2013-05-15 044 2013-05-15 002 2013-05-15 058 Whinnie and her Tuff Tug!

Just one of many!